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Securing funding

Successful projects start with successful bids, but, what is a successful bid? One that wins the project on mutually beneficial terms for you and your customer. Your aims, just like your customer's, are often varied, inter-related and possibly complex, especially in the arena of novel technology and innovation. Goals for both you and your customer may be financial, or can often be strategic – innovation, publicity, increasing brand awareness, etc..

We also assist clients of varying sizes to bid for grant funds. This is a highly competitive area, as the funds are free from obligation, i.e., no IP ownership issues, no equity requirements. Grant funding is typically match funding. Many bids, whether for grants or contracts, fail because details that seem both obvious and superfluous to the bidding company are not equally obvious to the recipient. Our knowledge of assessors’ requirements means that we are well-placed to assist you to write a compelling bid.

Under bid management, we provide a low-engagement bid critique service, a full service or a service tailored to specific needs.

  • Bid critique – the client (and partners, if any) compile the grant application. We review and send feedback for the client to update the grant application as desired.
  • Bid writing – this is a much more hands on service. We can assist from constructing the consortium through to managing the entire bid process from start to finish. Alongside the client and consortium partners, we write sections of the grant application (typically the management and business sections), advise on, support and edit others, and ensure that the whole application is cohesive and compelling (tells the right 'story'). If requested, we can negotiate between partners on work split and commercial agreements. In essence, we can take full responsibility for the bid apart from stage-gate and final sign-offs.
  • Tailored service – this fits between the two extremes. We provide what the client specifically requests.

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