Understanding the market and how to position an innovation to address that market is crucial for ensuring the success of any business as well as being essential for funding applications. 

Both Innovate UK and Horizon 2020 require strong business cases to access funding.  We can advise on strategy, perform technology market studies, create business cases and forge partnerships to create coherent and robust business propositions.   For cutting-edge and novel developments, we conduct technology market studies to establish the business case (if any) and potential for market take-up. Since our market studies are for developments yet to be made, our clients cannot find suitable off-the-shelf reports from the typical large players. Not only are these reports expensive, they do not focus on the specific areas in which our clients are interested. From us, clients receive a well-researched report tailored to their requirements and needs.


I was happy with the work Black Kite did for me, and I would hire them again. Commercial-level communication skills and market awareness combined with their high-quality background in physical science and engineering made for a productive partnership. Black Kite’s position, sitting square between the technical and commercial worlds, is uniquely strong within the knowledge transfer industry.


Dr Karen L Aplin

Physics Department, University of Oxford

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Black Kite undertook a small consultancy project on a novel antenna design developed at Queen Mary University.  It was unclear how this technology could fit market needs.  At short notice, Black Kite prepared a professional proposal, clearly outlining the work to be done and how the project was to be conducted.  They started with primary research, interviewing key potential clients and collaborators, and presented a well-argued report within our schedule, which was important in securing further internal funding for continued development.  The study results informed the product development and market areas to pursue. 

More importantly, they introduced us to Satellite Services (now SSBV) who have since funded further development of the antenna for space flight.

Adam Daykin    Senior Technology Transfer Manager

Queen Mary University of London

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